Eight Tips for Landing Your Next Purchasing Superhero

Competition for experienced purchasing talent is at an all-time high. Purchasing superheroes are out there. In order, to land them on your team you’ll need to move fast and act decisively – something the standard corporate hiring protocol won’t deliver. We recently compiled eight tips for improving your odds of not just filling a seat, but finding a proven purchasing professional to add to your team.

1. Understand the Hiring Process

Engage with Human Resources to understand the process they go through when filling open positions. Most HR teams are busy filling customer-facing positions, therefore, purchasing can take a back seat. Only when you understand HR’s pain points can you suggest improvements that will benefit your search.

2. Improve the Process to Compress the Timeline

Collaborate with Human Resources to figure out ways to compress their timeline. You can offer to take on more responsibility for screening resumes; if you are seeing resumes for the first time, 5 days, or in extreme cases, 10 days after they are received, you’ve likely lost any chance to land a top performer.

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