Landing Your Dream Job


To land your dream job, you first need to know what you want out of your next position.  Beyond the basics of compensation, benefits, and commute time, there are a few directions a purchasing professional can consider.

For recent graduates and purchasing professionals in their first couple of years in the workplace, there are choices, but they are limited.  Typically, what we hear from candidates is that they are focused on the type of company they want to work for, the title they’d like to have, or their compensation.  Candidates usually focus on one of these three areas and let the others fall where they may.

For mid-career purchasing professionals, the choices are much more complex.  We’ve talked to thousands of purchasing professionals in the past couple of years, and three common profiles emerge:

Career Advancement Candidates are folks who are looking to move up the career ladder.  They recognize it’s very difficult to get hired into a new company at a higher position, so they are looking to join an organization in a parallel move that presents a high potential for future promotion.  Their dream job is in a company that has a traditional hierarchical structure and multiple business units or divisions.  They want to avoid joining organizations with flat organizational structures and small purchasing teams.

Work-Life Balance Candidates seek jobs that are challenging but not overwhelming.  Often times, they share with us that they are burned out on travel and long hours.  Their dream job is in a flat organization, with the flexibility to work from home at times, or flex their hours to fit their home life demands.  They want to avoid joining companies in demanding industries that require long hours and lots of travel.

Career Changers are professionals who’ve been working in other fields such as engineering or sales, and are ready to make a move into purchasing.  Their dream job is one with a lot of variety and a wide range of responsibilities.  Ideally, they’d like to find something where they can leverage their past experience.  They want to avoid jobs that are very narrow in scope where they won’t have the opportunity to learn the different facets of purchasing.

Bottom line – evaluate where you are in your career and what you want out of your next position.  If you aren’t able to find what you want in your current company, talk to a recruiter – they might be able to help you find your dream job.