Introducing APD Placement

What can you expect as a Candidate?

The strategy at APD is an ever evolving process. Constantly improving the process as the market for attracting top candidates has changed. At APD we want to capture the attention of “ideal candidates,” we want to understand what that next step means in your career. Just as we engage with the client, the candidate also is an intricate part of the process.

How do we differ?

As one of the largest search firms in procurement and we are one of the only firms that has recruiters who specialize in: Purchasing and Procurement, Supply Chain placement in automotive and manufacturing industries.

Expertise: We only recruit strategic sourcing, procurement, purchasing, and supply chain professionals. We have in depth knowledge of your skill sets and the market.

Opportunities: We work with the best companies and with the decision makers. Your resume will get past HR with us, if we assess your expertise is a match for our positions.

Access to Unadvertised, Exclusive Positions: 90% of our positions are never publicly posted.

Advice and Preparation: We will provide unparalleled interview preparation and long term career advice.

We Have Your Career in Mind: We will not attempt to put you into a position that does not fit with your goals or skills. It is our desire to see you in a role that you will excel in. We Assess Your Career Goals and Skills prior to committing to working with you. If you are not a match for our clients, we will inform you and refer you to other recruiters.

Everything is in writing: We provide clear expectations up front on what we will provide you and what we will expect from you, including follow up, so your “wondering what happened with that company” issues you have with other recruiters that don’t follow up with you will not happen with us.

We work completely confidentially: We do not disclose nor submit your qualifications to any company or contact prior to your authorization.

How We Can Help:

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