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Minute to Win It: 5 Steps for Creating a Successful Procurement Resume

Placement professionals will tell you that resume readers, reviewing hundreds of resumes for each open position, will spend less than a minute on most resumes.  Oftentimes, they will stop reviewing a resume without having assessed the candidate’s suitability for a position, because something was just not right on the resume. What are some things you […]

Landing Your Dream Job

To land your dream job, you first need to know what you want out of your next position.  Beyond the basics of compensation, benefits, and commute time, there are a few directions a purchasing professional can consider.

Finding the Ideal Purchasing Candidate

Our experience working with hiring managers and HR professionals to fill purchasing and supply chain positions over the past 10+ years has been: Usually, they do a job great describing job responsibilities Most often, they are equally good at listing work experience and technical skill requirements They almost never clearly state the soft skills needed […]

Purchasing Soft Skills Checklist

You need to be able to describe the ideal candidate before you can find them.  Download our Soft Skills Checklist for Purchasing Job Candidates for our short list of communication, mindset, and conduct qualities we’ve found hiring managers are looking for.

Winning the Talent War

Are you building a top performing purchasing team . .  or just scrambling to fill opening?  Learn what purchasing professionals want in their next job – and in their current position.

Tips for Retaining Your Superheroes

Purchasing leaders, your staff has a lot of job options.  We surveyed Detroit-area purchasing professionals and found that on average, they are being contacted by recruiters more than 7 times per month.  That’s nearly twice a week!  And the folks most in demand, the top 10%, reported they are contacted every day.

Acing the Interview

For experienced purchasing pros, just getting an interview with a hiring manager is a long road.  Typically the journey goes something like this:

Eight Tips for Landing Your Next Purchasing Superhero

Competition for experienced purchasing talent is at an all-time high. Purchasing superheroes are out there. In order, to land them on your team you’ll need to move fast and act decisively – something the standard corporate hiring protocol won’t deliver. We recently compiled eight tips for improving your odds of not just filling a seat, but […]

The Power of Small Steps

In a training class I was delivering last week one of the buyers expressed frustration about the time and effort that was going to be required to implement a change across her supply base.  She understood the current state, knew where she wanted to go and had a realistic view of the time and effort […]